Anything Could Happen

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Wearing: GB leather jacket, H&M button up, Forever 21 skirt, Pixie Market flats, Forever 21 beanie, Foreign Exchange bag.

If you had told me 48 hours ago that I would be meeting and watching Ellie Goulding in concert I would've been in disbelief... Goes to show that anything could happen. (No pun intended!) Jill won meet and greets and concert tickets for Ellie's sold out and last show of her US tour at the Hollywood Palladium and she left me speechless. I had already seen what she's capable of from streaming her iTunes Festival performance and seeing her perform a few songs at the Daphne's iHeartRadio Lounge but to watch her Halcyon Days Tour live before my eyes was something else! I had the opportunity to meet her once over the summer but being able to meet her again before her show was just so heartwarming. Such a chill girl.

One thing I love about concerts is when I'm unexpectedly but instantly made a fan of the talented opener. The band was St. Lucia and their sound gives off a feel good vibe very reminiscent of Passion Pit and MGMT. It also didn't help that the drummer was an eye-catcher but it must be an unwritten rule that all drummers are attractive. Ellie Goulding's performance brought me to the conclusion that she is flawless in every aspect of life. Pure talent. Overall, the concert was simply uplifting and gave me that natural high I've missed so much! Going into 2013 I was apprehensive that my life wouldn't be able to mirror what it was like the year before but by the looks of it, it's following in the same path! Concerts are my drug keeping me alive and sane.

Photos by Jill Cao and me
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