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I tend to find inspiration everyday. Whether it be at a concert watching an artist perform live or listening to the guest speakers in my disabilities and society class talk about their accomplishments. I think it's necessary considering my need for reassurance in the field I've chosen to pursue. My Sunday morning was spent eating a lovely breakfast at The Mission in North Park with the super down-to-earth Warby Parker team and my fellow class rep, Denise. Meeting the individuals and finding out where they came from and their backgrounds for me, personally, was so inspiring. They literally originate from all parts of the country- Missouri, California, New York, Texas just to name a few. In a conversation with Taylor Bennett, the social media coordinator for Warby Parker, she was telling me her story about how after she graduated, she booked a one way ticket to New York, interviewed, got hired at Warby Parker, and took residency in the West Village soon after. Now for the past six months, she's been touring the United States on a cross-country road trip. To say she's living the dream would be an understatement! I was so inspired that morning and with all my recurring doubts with pursuing my career field, I realized why dream if you don't dream BIG? I think ultimately, my goal in life is to refrain from having to tell my future offspring (God willing) that, "When I was younger I wanted to work in the fashion industry." But to be able to finish off that sentence with, "And so I pursued it and did the damn thing." Well, maybe refrain from cursing while I'm at it.

On top of all the inspiration that morning, it was just refreshing to have breakfast with complete strangers that radiated such friendly vibes. People that genuinely love what they do (I mean, who wouldn't love working for Warby Parker?!). For so long now I've been craving to meet new people that bore completely different backgrounds than I do and this was just the fulfillment I needed. I can't imagine what it would be like if/when I finally leave the nest. I can't wait. To read the full Warby Parker Class Trip article click here.

Photos by Collin Hughes
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