Good Intentions

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Wearing: Xhilaration leather vest, Forever 21 turtleneck crop top, Forever 21 maxi skirt, Jeffrey Campbell boots, H&M hat, Foreign Exchange bag. 

After midterms on quizzes on work, it was nice to have an eventful day off in the city of angels. Jill and I drove up to Long Beach where we met up with Stacey and headed to The Grove for some lunch at Umami Burger- quite possibly our favorite burger joint ever, in life. Seriously, having it yesterday felt like... Our whole lives were leading up to that very moment. After lunch we went to the newly opened Topshop and I was drooling over everything. Such dynamic pieces but sadly, their prices were completely out of my budget and I wasn't in the splurging mood. Randomly ran into Jennifer Lopez while browsing the shop though which was so awesome! Haha who else can say they've been shopping with Jenny from the Bronx?!

We made our way to Studio City to watch a live taping of ABC's television show, Baby Daddy, at the CBS Studios. It was so entertaining and fascinating to see how television production works. I developed such a deep appreciation and admiration for directors, producers, actors, and writers. They make it look effortless when in reality not everyone possesses the skills and drive it takes to do what they do. Jean-Luc Bilodeau and Derek Theler are such handsome men and to see them play with the babies on set pretty much killed every fiber of my being. And to see Tahj Mowry, AKA Teddy from Full House and Smart Guy, in person was like seeing my childhood! The whole cast seems so down to earth and close-knit and you could really tell in between takes. It's also just an added bonus that the staff really takes care of the studio audience. Such a fun experience and most likely won't be the last time we'll be making a visit to that studio!

I think aside from all the shenanigans, my favorite part was concluding the day with a cruise through the streets of LA while Walk The Moon's 'Anna Sun' played in the background. It's become almost habitual where I come home from LA with this insurmountable happiness. I think often times, people mistaken the things my friends and I do for entertainment as special treatment, connections, or great amounts of money paid but it's really none of that. It's kind of like how some achieve happiness with getting high off weed but we attain this natural high from live music or live television tapings- strange comparison but true. Earlier in the week, a presenter in my disabilities class said, "Always give yourself something to look forward to- it'll make life better." And I think for me, that's always been my intention.

Photos by Jill Cao, Stacey Rabanal, and me
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