Lost Ones

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Wearing: GB leather jacket, American Apparel turtleneck, Zara pants, H&M flats, H&M hat, ASOS shearling collar scarf, Foreign Exchange bag.

It had been a while since my last trip to LA so it was nice being back in the city I have so much love for. So much love that I didn't mind chauffeuring my brother's girlfriend, Loving, to the Grammys and also because I wasn't going to let her pass up the opportunity of a lifetime (she got chosen out of 38,000 applicants to be a seat filler!). Jill accompanied me and we opted to walk around everywhere instead of driving just to save ourselves the inevitable frustration of searching for parking. Even though the frustration of not finding parking was compensated with fatigue and wrong turns, it was cool really getting a feel for the city and taking in the urban scenery. We had lunch at the Panini Cafe before heading to The Los Angeles Theater Center to attend Max Schneider's flash concert where we got to see him perform a few songs acoustically and even got the chance to meet him. He's such a sweetheart with so much talent and soul! His passion shines through in all his performances no matter how big or small the crowd is. After, we went to the American Apparel Warehouse where I bought another pair of riding pants- I couldn't resist. Ended the night with some desserts and coffee at Urth Caffe before picking up Loving and heading home. Always happy vibes after a day in LA no matter how spontaneous and unplanned our trips may be.

Photos by Jill Cao and me
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