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Wearing: American Apparel custom printed graphic t-shirt, brother's stolen flannel, H&M blazer, American Apparel disco pants, H&M booties, H&M hat, Foreign Exchange bag.

Last night was spent in North Park at the happy hour event hosted by Aloha Sunday and Warby Parker. Being on the Warby Parker bus makes me feel affluent in having the luxury of being able to choose anything I want atop their shelves without having to check the price first. Oh the perks of being a Warby Parker Class Rep! I took Jackie and Jill with me and we ended up eating pizza and calzones at a nearby Italian restaurant called Caffe Calabria. The food was what I would imagine authentic Italian food to taste like. All in all, I just really love the street art found on every little corner and alley way of North Park- definitely my type of scenery. Finished off the night with a late night homework session at my house.

In other news, earlier this week I was followed and featured on Seventeen Magazine's Instagram but I try not to think too much of it because then I start to develop this sort of OCD. Almost like this unsettling hunger to strive for more, want more, be more. It's as if I had my own version of an animated Lizzie McGuire or inner monologue reminding myself, "Baby steps, Rachel." But who knows if I'll find any type of success beyond this little feature. It's all just overwhelming more than anything.

Photos by Jacqueline Do and me
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