San Francisco Photo Diary

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Simply stated: I left my heart in San Francisco. The environment, the architecture, the food, the street style, the friendly people, the overall vibe of the city... Just everything brought me to the conclusion that I fall in love with places way deeper and easier than I fall in love with people. So deep in love that the moment we crossed the bay bridge I already felt my heart aching for a return trip. What was mind-boggling to me was that 24 hours prior to leaving for SF, I didn't know I was going to SF. My parents and I had discussed a short trip out to Santa Barbara- last minute I had poked at the idea of SF and my mom agreed. I didn't think she'd actually say yes but she knew I had been yearning for a trip to the bay for years. Spontaneity is a trait I got from my momma.

We left San Diego on Wednesday before noon and arrived at the Francisco Bay Inn around 8 PM. Unexpectedly, the drive wasn't too bad. Long drives ain't a thing when you've got good music keeping you company. We checked in and had a late night dinner at Brenda's French Soul Food on Polk street which has the most delicious shrimp po'boy I have ever tasted. Came back to the Inn to find that the whole block had a power outage. I was way too happy to even be the least bit agitated by the amusing yet creepiness of it all. Especially walking up three flights of a dark stairwell... The power came back on eventually. 

Thursday morning was spent finding the cable car station. Hopped on and throughout the span of the day we visited Union Square, Sushirrito, Chinatown, Lombard Street, and Fisherman's Wharf/Pier 39. I can't stress enough how much I adore those cable cars - even when there was plenty of room to sit, I would choose to freely hang off the side with the cold San Francisco air nearly blowing my trench coat right off. Cables cars are probably my favorite of many favorite things about SF. Haha I'm such a child. 

After we packed up and checked out, we spent our last few hours in San Francisco squeezing in a stroll around the Palace of Fine Arts, drove over the Golden Gate Bridge (which was barely visible through the heavy fog), ate at the delicious food trucks in front of City Hall, witnessed over ten weddings inside City Hall, blew dandelions and made wishes on the hills of Alamo Square, window shopped at Haight/Ashburry, and took in one last view of the city at Dolores Park. Side note but the simplicity of the fact that people just spend their time off chilling in a grassy open park is so damn captivating to me. Wasn't as heartbroken leaving the city as I had thought I would be because deep down inside I know another visit to the bay is in my future.

Photos by me
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