Anna Sun


Wearing: Forever 21 bustier, Forever 21 skirt, Jeffrey Campbell boots, DIY floral crown, Foreign Exchange bag, Forever 21 sunglasses.

My friends and I took a trip to UC Riverside to attend their annual music festival, Spring Splash. On the way up I got my first ticket for speeding but I fought hard to not let it ruin the day ahead. We were solely there to see the band, Walk The Moon- which if you haven't been listening to already, you better get on it! I swear they are the next big thing. Watching them perform live with so much passion and stage presence heightened my love for their music even more. It also helps that their bass player is easy on the eyes hah. Andrew and I were having the time of our lives screaming their lyrics at the top of our lungs! Their set was complete madness. We were fortunate enough to meet some of the band after their set and they were so genuinely nice. It was unbearably hot and we were being pushed and shoved around in the pit so all we wanted to do was chill for the rest of the day. T'was a good day that could've potentially been bad if I hadn't had the ability to accept what had happened, learn, and move on. Hate to be cliche but really, "I'm too blessed to be stressed."

Photos by Jackie Do and me
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  1. love the outfit! so festival-ish!
    and that guys is pretty hot!


    1. Thank you, def the look I was going for! And yes, he is very haha.