2013 BET Awards

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Wearing: Foreign Exchange top, Gypsum Style skirt, Pixie Market flats, Foreign Exchange bag, Forever 21 ring.

Last night I attended the 2013 BET Awards and it was everything I expected it to be and more: entertaining, ratchet, and a good ass time. In contrast to other award shows I've attended in the past, what I loved about this one is that there's equally as many performances as there are awards to present. Some of the highlights for me consisted of Robin Thicke, Pharrell, and T.I.'s adorable performance of Blurred Lines, the epic Charlie Wilson tribute with JT, Pharrell, and Snoop Dogg (hands down, the best of the night), Ciara's mesmerizing number, all of Kendrick Lamar's performances, and of course, all the times Miguel was on stage performing Beautiful with Mariah Carey, his own single, How Many Drinks?, featuring Kendrick Lamar, and Power Trip with J. Cole. Anytime he was on stage I could hear people in the pit pulling jokes like, "Everyone duck!" or "Thank God, he didn't jump!" haha it was pretty hilarious but he touched my hand and seriously, my night was made. Still my favorite! It's crazy to think that all in a night, I got to see all the radio hits performed live, right before my eyes.

In the pit, there was a livestream cam with host, Bill Sorrells. He interviewed me about who my favorite of the night was. I think it's safe to assume who I said and so he asked, "Were you scared he was gonna land on you? Were you hoping he was gonna land on you?" Haha and embarrassingly, I admitted to being okay with the idea of that happening. Despite being hesitant at first, seeing as Loving and I were of the minority (literally the only yellow chicks haha!), it was one of the most entertaining award shows I've attended thus far!

Photos by Loving Layug
Makeup and hair by Loving Layug
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