Bad Blood Tour

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Wearing: Forever 21 dress, Urban Outfitters chambray shirt, H&M booties, Urban Outfitters watch, Forever 21 bracelet, Foreign Exchange bag.

Bastille kicked off their first North American tour with a show at the House of Blues in downtown San Diego and thank goodness I snagged tickets before they sold out! I could not put into words how amazing they are live and I don't want to because anything I could possibly choose to say would not suffice to describe how talented these guys are. I don't even know how Dan's voice could be both fragile and empowering at the same time. It was a high energy show through and through and there was even a point when Dan went into the crowd and was singing while walking through everyone! I found myself growing depressed as I felt the show nearing the end. I feel like its been a while since the last concert I've attended and Bastille kind of reminded me why I love live music and strengthened my belief that it is necessary for my mental health.

Photos by me
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  1. Is he looking right into your camera?! These pictures look good!