The Acceptance

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So this is probably as official as it's going to get. I've been accepted to the University of Westminster in the heart of London, England for the spring 2014 semester. From the very initial thought that birthed this whole idea to the application process to this present day of having received my acceptance letter, it can all be described in one word: Overwhelming. And what's even more overwhelming is knowing that this is just the beginning.

Thankfully, I can't say that I'm alone on this crazy ride. I've got two of my nearest and dearest that pretty much understand me as best as one could: Jackie and Jill. I honestly could not think of any two better to go on this adventure with. Just thinking back on my initial plan, I don't know how I thought I could have braved this journey alone.

So as the days on my countdown dwindle to zero, I've still got a lot of preparing to do. From financial aid to packing to other (mental) things, there's still lots to do. I need to keep reminding myself that leaving home for this whole study abroad thing might be costing me an arm (and a leg) but I'll be coming back with insight and experiences that one couldn't even put a price to.
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