Walk The Moon Fall 2013 Tour

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Now that my long week(s) of midterms is over, I can finally update on the Walk The Moon concert I went to last Friday at the Hollywood Palladium! I can wholeheartedly say it was the funnest concert I've attended thus far. The fact that the band is so interactive with the crowd is what made the whole thing so entertaining through and through! It was a high energy show with the band dancing and jumping around stage the entire time. Kevin's cheesy smiles and hip thrusts while Nick doing his salsa-like dance moves was completely heart melting! They debuted a few new songs which were all amazing and by the crowd's reaction, I could tell everyone is highly anticipating their sophomore album, me included! Even their openers, Smallpools and The Mowgli's, were rocking the house as well. It's always a plus when the openers are worth checking out.

I would deem it pretty epic to say that we were a part of the audience of their biggest ever headlining show. I would also deem it epic to say that my friends and I have followed them a little before they found huge success and it's just so inspiring to see them evolve and gain the recognition they deserve. Overall, their show, their stage presence, and just hearing them live definitely reaffirmed that they are most definitely one of my favorite bands.

Photos by me
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