50 Days

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So here I am sat, fifty days before my departure to a new university, a new country, a new place to call "home". I've battled with myself from the moment I received my acceptance letter into my program that I was ready for this but, in truth, I don't think any amount of mental preparation will ever actually comfort the uneasiness I've been feeling. And with this pit of anxiousness built up in my stomach is a hunger that I hope will be helped by this adventure. There's a lot of things I hope to find on this trip. I hope to find a fresh outlook on life. I hope to find a deeper understanding of independence. I hope to find new faces. I hope to find struggle. And ultimately, I hope to find happiness- although I'm well aware that happiness isn't a destination, it's an inner state of being.

Being the rational person that I am, never in a million years would I have seen myself just quitting my mediocre job to leave the country and travel. It feels... Liberating. Many times throughout this process I would kick myself in the ass questioning why I'm even doing this. I don't have the money. I don't have the support. I don't have the experience. But that's exactly it, I'm learning on the way and it's all shaping me up to be the well-rounded person I strive to be everyday. 50 days left 'til I start this new chapter.
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