The 1975 3X

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The blisters on my feet, the bruises on my legs, and the congestion I've been suffering all week are slowly leaving my body yet, strangely, I'd much rather them stay because I see them as little reminders of how fuckin' amazing this past weekend was. Somehow, I ended up watching up-and-coming British band, The 1975, on three different occasions. And each time, the experience just got better and better and better. So good that the morning after the third time, I woke up in a panic thinking everything that had happened was all a dream until the drumstick and ticket stub on the floor of my bedroom confirmed that it, thankfully, wasn't.

The first was in LA at the Fonda Theatre. I drove up with a full car and of course, we had to make a pit-stop at Umami Burger. A trip to LA would not be complete without it! Walked around The Grove a bit, out of curiosity- checked out Adam Levine's collection at K-Mart, grabbed some sweets at Milk, and then headed to the Fonda for the show. Spent a lot of the time in line talking about future plans of all moving in together and I couldn't help but feel anxiousness and comfort at the same time. On one hand, the anxiousness stemmed from the idea of moving out in just a little over a year... But on the other hand, I found comfort in knowing that not only do I have a group of people to experience this big step in life with, but they're also pursuing some pretty unconventional dreams as well. After a few hours of waiting, we were finally let in and we claimed our seats in the balcony where we ended up sitting right behind the lead singer's family. It was priceless watching Matty's mom cheer for him and jam out with his grandpa rockin' a 'The 1975' band tee. Even from high up, you could feel the energy of the band. They had this cool type of 'we've-been-on-tour-for-a-while' kind of stage presence.

Round two was on Sunday- I had my internship with the radio station where I had to setup for an acoustic session with The 1975 in the morning. Checked guests in and watched as Matty and Adam performed acoustic versions of Chocolate, Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You, and Sex. The band was late (surprise, surprise) and they had just come from Vegas so you could tell how tired they were with Matty's adorable, raspy morning voice. After the guests had left and while I was putting things in storage, he passed right behind me, looked at me and was like, "Hi, how are you?" I died.

That same night was spent pulling some strings to watch them, a third time, at Belly Up in Solana Beach. Ended up front and center and my words won't do the experience justice. Especially to go from balcony seats to the very front? Super upgrade! Being in that pit was complete madness though. I don't remember the last time I felt genuinely scared for my physical health. On the plus side, occasional eye contact with Matty felt like gunshots to the chest. And George gave me the drumstick at the end of the show! The show ended and we waited around a bit to say hi. For some reason when he came near, I just froze up. Sam and Jill kept telling me to go up to him but I just couldn't bring myself to. But he is probably the sweetest human being to ever exist. I somehow had the balls to ask for a kiss and he said I would be the last because he didn't want to get everyone sick. Swoon... Such a sweetheart! God, I have so much love for The 1975 and I can't wait to watch their success continue. I haven't had such a spontaneous weekend like this happen in so long due to so many obligations but damn, it felt like a breath of fresh air.

Photos by me
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