Cold Kind Hand

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In order to be frugal with our money we've designated Fridays to be "Food Fridays". Our special day to go crazy and allow ourselves a real meal in London. Sad, huh? Haha but it's always good to give yourself something to look forward to. Yesterday we went to Canary Wharf where they were holding an ice sculpting festival. We walked around, checked out the competition and admired the food stands from all around the world. Jill got a burger and Jackie and I ended up getting food from the Portugese stand - it was a pan fried cured cod fish dish which had potatoes, onions, olives, and cous cous. T'was delish. We returned to the underground to make our way to Parliament square to checkout Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, The Guard's Museum, Trafalgar Square, and random parks, and buildings we didn't really know the names of.

Photos by me
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