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This past Saturday might have been one of the most enlightening days we've had on this trip thus far. The day started with a walk by the Thames passing by Shakespeare's Old Globe, The Shard, crossing the Tower Bridge, and walking by the Tower of London before making our way to Jill's friend's parents' house. We got acquainted with them at their jaw dropping home on the top floor overlooking all of London. The view is something I probably could never get sick of if I were blessed enough to live there. They took us to dinner at a nearby place called Toby Carvery which was absolutely amazing… We had a roast dinner with Yorkshire pudding and had "bread and buttah" pudding for dessert. Filling up our stomachs is going to be a rare occasion throughout the next few months so it felt great to eat good! We ended the night with laughs over some British tea at their home and learned a lot of new things about London culture and lingo. Slang words such as "afters" and "slapper" and etc. will hopefully be assimilated into my vocabulary soon ha! A lovely night spent with such pleasant people.

Photos by Jacqueline Do, Jill Cao, and me
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