Dancing in the Moonlight

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The other night I spent £ 3.80 on a beer… Let's just let that sink in. It was disgusting and I will never ever understand why people drink it but hey, this trip is all about saying yes and trying new things and when else can you say you drank on a boat, sailing underneath the breathtakingly stunning Tower Bridge? The University of Westminster threw a River Thames boat ride party for it's international students and it was… An experience. A 50+ year old DJ, ratchet song requests coming from the American-Asians (Jill/Jackie) and the token black guy, Britney Spears/Kesha song requests coming from the greater majority of the program, and painfully entertaining-to-watch dancing all night long. All in all, it was pretty fun and we got to meet more cool people from all around the world.

Photos by me
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