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We had a relaxing walk through Kensington Gardens on our way to Nando's for our Food Friday. Kensington Gardens reminded us of a scene straight out of Princess Diaries. Genovia, if it were a real place. To be completely honest, Nando's was one of the first things we wanted to do since landing in the UK. This proves what fatties we are haha! There's no wonder why this chain is so popular. The chicken is so juicy and the peri-peri sauce is unlike anything I've ever had before. Simply stated, Nando's is life changing. After linner and a lot of "afters" (the term they call desserts here), we went back to my flat for some cuppa! Very British of us, I know. And then we headed down to the bottom floor of my flat for a little house party with good company! A lot of travel talk went down and I cannot wait to hop on a plane already!

Photos by me
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