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Orientation was on the 6th of January and it was so overwhelming to say the least. We saw one of our campuses at Regent and found that it was next to Oxford Street which has probably become our most favorite street in the short span of time that we've been here. We explored the shops and headed home because we were starving. After linner, we headed out to the reception area of our flat and met up with a few of the people living in our hall to go out to a pub right behind our flat called 333 Mother, for some drinks and beer pong. Met a few new faces from Japan, Singapore, Germany, and Boston! It's eye-opening to consecutively meet such diverse people. After the pub, we went grocery shopping and headed home. One thing I noticed right when we set foot in London was how well dressed and well groomed every single individual is. I love and hate how underdressed the people make me feel here.

Photos by Jill Cao
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