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It's crazy how such an unfamiliar and intimidating city can start to feel smaller and smaller once you've lost yourself in it enough times. Yesterday, Jackie and I met up with Jill at St. Paul's Cathedral where she was having her weekly field trip with her class. Epic is a word that does not even begin to describe how ridiculous that thing is. It's so unfortunate that we weren't allowed to take photos inside because I'd love to share the beauty that place holds. Anyway, we spent a couple hours wandering the cathedral, said a little prayer, climbed 528 steps up the dome to see a breathtaking view of London. Midway the climb, there's an area of the dome called the Whispering Gallery. Someone whispers something into the dome walls and the person across the entire dome from them can hear it! Jackie and I tested it and it worked! We were mind-blown. After St. Paul's, we ate our packed lunch and aimlessly wandered the city before heading home.

Photos by Jacqueline Do and me
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