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Started yesterday off with an early morning meet time with our program to have a traditional British breakfast at, ironically, a French cafe called Cafe Rouge in Convent Garden. During our meal, we were taught a few important things about life in London ranging from safety concerns to random facts we should know about the city like the prime minster and such. After breakfast we were free to do whatever we wanted so we decided to walk down some road and ended up laying our eyes on Big Ben and the River Thames for the very first time! We headed back the way we came from and explored Covent Garden, which is a beautiful outdoor market surrounded by restaurants and high street shops including Chanel, Dior, and Opening Ceremony. It is over the top and filled with life, especially with all the Christmas decorations still up and the live street performers entertaining every side of the place. Jackie, Jill, and I went to a few more supermarkets and stores to buy more necessities and headed back to the underground where we successfully navigated our way home by ourselves for the first time! We ended up at my flat where we tried a bunch of British candy.

Starting to learn that keeping myself occupied deters from missing home. I don't even know how it's even possible to miss home considering how surreal this place is. Hell, I'm surprised I haven't gotten whiplash seeing how much I can't stop looking up and around at all the architecture. We constantly keep having close calls of being ran over because we can't stop admiring our surroundings! But also because you know the third Harry Potter movie with that super speed double decker bus? Well, they do, in fact, drive that crazy.

Photos by Jill Cao and me
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