Touchdown in London Town

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I was always told that as a little girl, it was as if my mom and I were stuck at the hip- I never left her side. Obviously developing into the stupid "too cool" pre-teen that I was and being the busy college student that I currently am, things have changed since then but I found myself reverting back to the little girl I was as I was boarding my plane for London. The airport brought waterworks like no other and as I passed through security and made my way to the gate, I broke down- Kim K. ugly-crying-face and all. I was a complete mess and throughout my 14+ hour plane ride, any slight thought of my parents had me teary-eyed. I never thought homesickness would hit me this hard even though I did feel myself getting homesick while I was actually at home. I think my love and gratitude for the parents I have is so strong that being away from them this far and this long is taking its toll on me, as it should. But thank goodness for this wonderful techonlogically-advanced world we live in because as soon as I had time to breathe in this new country, I was able to FaceTime them.

The plane ride and going through security checks and all that tedious airport stuff went a lot smoother than I had prepared myself for. Having a gazillion pounds of carry on and three coats to carry was a different story. The struggle, man. It was so relieving to get picked up by our driver and finally make our way to our flat. We met our CIS Abroad coordinators and the others girls studying abroad through the same program and they all seemed pretty cool. We got our keys to our flats, filled out papers, and made our way back down to run a few errands around the city.

First on the list was to buy our travel card AKA an Oyster Card. We went into the underground, purchased week passes, and made our way on to our first tube ride en route to Oxford Street where we would be purchasing our pre-paid phones and other necessities at what probably is the most glorious store ever, Primark. Affordable and cute pretty much sums up the place. We told ourselves it'd be very dangerous to stay there for too long… We made the tiring trek back to our dorms where I FaceTimed with my family and found that Riley had already claimed residency in my room, that brat. Haha I miss her snaggle-toothed grin all up in my face though. Made plans to meet with Jackie and Jill to buy groceries and other necessities but surprise, surprise- I slept through our meeting time and ended up at both their flats after they were done shopping haha.

I wish I was able to take more pictures but it was just too much to take in but I'm sure I'll find time during my stay here. London is overwhelming, intimidating, but so beautiful. This whole process would be even harder than it already has been if I wasn't in the company of Jackie and Jill and for that, I am so thankful. As much as I miss home, I already see myself falling in love with this place.
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