Us Against The World

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Now that we've fallen into a routine here, I've realized a few things. We're living in London- such an urban, crazy night life, and fun city and yet- Jill, Jackie, and I lead such grandma lives here. On Monday is when Jackie and I go out to different supermarkets to buy food to get us through the week. We'll do a bit of laundry here and there and spend the whole day just getting it together. Wednesdays are spent meeting up with Jill and her class exploring a different museum each time. Fridays are our favorite, not only 'cause it's the weekend, but because we get to indulge in a meal in the city at a new restaurant every time. Saturdays are for sight-seeing and Sundays are for the outdoor markets (sometimes switched around depending on what day the market is open).

Where we live is an international building filled with students from pretty much all walks of life. Most, from small towns, most wealthy, but all just here for a good time. I've realized the idea of 'a good time' is subjective. The last few weeks we wondered, why would people blow all their money on alcohol and pubs? But come to think of it, we're all young and have so much freedom… I mean, what else would you be doing with your time and money?

In conclusion, Jackie, Jill, and I are weirdos but I'm completely satisfied with how we've been allocating our funds and what we've been doing with our time here. I'm so glad I have two people here that enjoy spending their time really exploring the charm of this city.

This past Friday was spent on Oxford Street fulfilling our craving for retail therapy. It was our first time really exploring the shops on Oxford (or at least attempting to) and seriously, each store is at least three stories and they have one of each store every few blocks. Think three H&Ms, Urban Outfitters', Topshops, River Islands', Bershkas, New Looks, etc. all on one street. At Topshop, they had a boba stand called Bubbleology so we decided to try it. They call their boba here 'bubble tea' and it finally made sense because all their drinks are tea-infused. After the tiresome few hours of shopping, we headed to Camden Town for our dinner reservations at Poppies' Fish & Chips to enjoy live music from an ATL based artist by the name of Porter Shields and his band, The Cosmic Creators. They were amazing and just what we needed after not having attended a concert in so long. We went back to my flat where we searched up old throwback songs and sang the night away.
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