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So… I've been horrible about keeping up to date with this but I think it's with good reason that I haven't been. In the beginning of this whole trip, this blog was not only a memory keeping online diary but somewhat of a therapeutic outlet to just let go of all these feelings of overflowing anxiety. However, I think it's safe for me to admit that a month and a half in, I've completely fallen in love with London.

Despite the never-ending rain and gloomy weather, the tube strikes that caused Jill and I to practically run to uni last week, being packed in with all these strangers like sardines in the underground at peak hours, the queasiness in my stomach every time I have to ride on the top of those double decker buses, the struggle of hauling our groceries from one part of the city to our flats (in the rain, might I add), the nonexistent customer service in every single store, and just feeling flat out too broke to do anything- I am in love with this city.

I love the hustle and bustle of the city. I love the energy you can feel in the air. I love the art that's present not only in the museums but on the streets and in the architecture of the buildings. I love the effortlessness of everyone's style. I love that the ads in the underground promote the musicians that I love e.g. Arctic Monkeys, The 1975, Aluna George, London Grammar, Phoenix, Bombay Bicycle Club, to name a few. I love the music they play in the stores. I am so in love that I find myself thinking of all the things I already know I'm going to miss when it's time for me to leave. In the beginning of it all, I couldn't see myself getting used to this life but I am and the idea of being comfortable on my own and in such a different setting from where I grew up is so empowering. I am a living testament to that quote, "A person can get used to anything, if given enough time." Home is a state of mind and I've always known that I belonged in an urban city. I love it here.

The photos above are from our trip to the National Gallery which is an artist's heaven. My brother, Leo, would have had a mental breakdown there. Pictures weren't allowed inside but I snuck a few in for him.  I surprised myself by being able to identify the artist before reading the little placards describing the painting. I have my brother to thank for educating me on all this stuff! I'll try to be better about updating… I've just been too busy living life, I guess.

Photos by me and Jacqueline Do
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