A Drop In The Ocean

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We took a day trip to Brighton to hit up the beach and soak up some vitamin D. For a California girl that spent all her free time at the beach back home, it's been quite the struggle to be deprived of a coastline for two and a half months. In so many ways, Brighton reminded me of home. Or at least of Santa Monica which I can basically call home considering how much of my time I've spent in LA, right? Anyway, Brighton is such a charming little beach town. Our first stop was King George IV's Royal Pavilion and an art museum right beside it. We walked through these little shops in a strip called The Lanes and then we made our way to Brighton Pier. The beach was a pebble covered beach but that didn't stop us from a little snooze on the shore. We walked along the boardwalk and got some 99 flake cones and munched on fish and chips on the pier as we watched the sun set. The day was absolutely perfect, as are all the other days in London.

I'm starting to realize I love it here so much for an endless amount of reasons but mainly because it's really starting to feel like I'm building my own home here. Every place I'm visiting and discovering are places people I know have never been before and it's almost like finding buried treasure and I get to claim ownership. These places aren't being shrouded by over-hype and it's refreshing for once. I probably end every blog mentioning it but... I truly do love it here.

Photos by me, Jacqueline Do, and Jill Cao
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