Painting the Town with Foster The People

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On Monday morning we headed out to Great Eastern Street, just a couple blocks from our flat, where there was a mural of Foster The People's album art for their latest album, Supermodel. We had found out on Foster The People's Facebook page that they were planning to give tickets out to the first six people there. Our intent on going was to get a third ticket since I had already gotten a pair courtesy of MTV UK. To our surprise, not only did we get extra tickets but we got to put our hand prints on the mural and meet the band as well! Mark, Cubbie, and Mark were super chill and extremely nice. It always feels like such an honor and privilege to meet the people that produce these works of art that we get so indebted to. Later that night, we enjoyed their show at the Troxy and to no surprise, it exceeded what our minds prepared us for. Mark Pontius is not one to be messed with on those drums! And on top of that, the seats they gave us were pretty amazing seats! Thanks again to Foster The People and MTV UK! If you haven't gotten the chance to give a listen to their newest album, you should! It has strayed slightly from their old sound but it is definitely a good different.

Photos by me
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