Paris Photo Diary

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I spent my 21st birthday in Paris with two of my closest friends and started the day with a traditional petit dejeuner at a cute little French cafe, saw the most amazing art galleries at the Louvre museum, spent a good amount of time getting lost in the beautiful alleyways of the city, ate Lauduree macarons and street crepes in front of La Tour Eiffel as we waited for it to sparkle at sun down, and got a bit tipsy off vodka mixed drinks in a little Parisian apartment. Not your typical trip to Vegas but I couldn't have dreamed up a better way to spend my first birthday away from home. Living abroad and traveling is beyond amazing and in the midst of it all, homesickness starts to become less apparent once you've gotten used to the idea that you're here and your loved ones are always going to be back where you left them to come home to when it's time to go back to reality and wake up from this dream. Being it my 21st and in the traditional American point of view, one of the most special ones- internally I did feel a bit homesick. But I was in Paris, visiting the city I only saw through pictures in my French textbooks, so I couldn't be bothered.

Paris is an unrealistic beauty. Every cafe corner, every building with Osmond's elegant balconies, and every angle of the Eiffel Tower was too beautiful to be real. Every moment a boat would float along the Seine, every time a street musician would play a tune on his accordion, and every time I saw a Parisian couple enjoying a cig and a meal outside a cafe, I felt like I was watching a scene straight out of a movie. Forgive me, I have a lot of "dream cities" but Paris is definitely one of them considering the fact that I studied the language for four years of my life. Little things such as being able to read the signs, pick up on some of the conversations, and even order in French was so exciting for me.

And as glamorous as Paris was, I was ill-prepared to see that it is heavily littered with pickpocketers. So many that my friends and I walked around with an unhealthy amount of paranoia. We had two bad encounters but luckily nothing was taken. So just a fair warning for anyone planning a visit to Paris for their first time, be very cautious! I'm well aware to be alert in any big city but after being in seven different major cities, I found the pickpockters in Paris to be the most aggressive. We were literally being chased at one point! But don't let this ward you from visiting this city, as to me, it is still a fantasy land. I mean, where else will you be in close proximity to beautiful architecture, bakeries, and crepe stands at all times? The city of lights, sugar, carbs, and love… 
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