Barcelona Photo Diary

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Barcelona was a city that was squeezed into our backpacking adventure last minute but I'm so glad it was. The city has a different energy to it in comparison to all the other ones we've visited and even in the short amount of time that we were there, I could completely appreciate the vibe of the city. We were on a carb-overload from our trip to Paris so we hit up La Boqueria, the famous fruit market on Las Ramblas. We've seen loads of markets in our time in London but nothing like the market we visited in Barcelona. The displays of fruits, candies, juices, and other food were jaw dropping and mouthwatering. After we picked up some fruits we made our way to the main attractions, Park Guell and La Sagrada Familia, both of which were unreal. Traveling in Europe, you inevitably end up laying eyes on countless cathedrals and churches but I have to say that La Sagrada Familia was probably my favorite due to it's uniqueness and vibrant colors of the stain glass windows that reflected on the walls inside the basilica. Gaudi is an absolute mastermind. We continued the day with a long stroll around the Gothic Quarter which I adored. I don't what it is about gothic architecture that I love so much but it definitely has to be among one of my favorite types. I think it might have to do with the fact that it reaches contrasting spectrums of creepy but utterly beautiful at the same time. We ended the day attempting to go to the beach but ended up taking a long stroll through the seaport, which was cool as well.

The next day we packed our bags and checked out of our hostel before heading out on one last little venture through the city. The three main goals were: 1. Tapas, 2. Sangrias, and 3. the beach. 1 and 2 were achieved with a minor mishap to say the least. With so many restaurants lined up on Las Ramblas we stumbled upon one that seemed to have a great deal so we got seated and got served what seemed liked endless plates and plates and plates. The language barrier played a major role in all the confusion but we ended up with 122 euros worth of tapas and sangrias. With over satisfied stomachs, we couldn't help but laugh it off. We ended the day lounging at the beach before heading to the airport for our next destination. 
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