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Before I had the opportunity to see the other side of the world, Los Angeles was where I thought I belonged. I would make weekly escapes to the city not only to catch a concert or award show but for the sole reason that just being there gave me such a high. I wanted nothing more than to take up permanent residency. Although I've found myself deeper in love with London, I can still entertain the idea of living in Los Angeles (until my patience runs out with the ridiculous amount of traffic and ruthless drivers, that is.)

We headed up to LA to catch a Jimmy Kimmel Live! backlot show in Hollywood featuring the hauntingly talented, Banks. All I have to say is that she's a goddess. Before the show, we did a bit of adventuring around downtown. It had been a little more than half a year since my last visit so it was refreshing to be back. I guess a part of the reason LA dropped down my list of dream cities is because the gems of the city I once admired so much have become overly saturated to the point of exhaustion but I figured… That doesn't really take away from the beauty the city holds. After doing a bit of research, I found some hidden gems (although not so hidden after this post) that I wanted to make quick pitstops at before we made our way to the show.

Vista Hermosa Park was a little tucked away area with grassy hills and a gorgeous view of downtown LA. Before that, we grabbed lunch at the Grand Central Market. It's essentially a giant food court with quality food choices. After a few rounds the giant warehouse, we opted for these amazing brioche bun breakfast sandwiches from a place called Eggslut and the most uniquely flavored ice creams from a new stand called McConnell's Fine Ice Cream. The churros con leche is to die for! After lunch we crossed the street to check out the Bradbury Building that I've been wanting to visit for so long. Convenient that it was nearby so we took a peak inside and the end scene from 500 Days of Summer started running through my mind. So far, my summer has been uneventful so it was nice to finally have a bit of an adventure. Good views, good food, and good music always equate to the most perfect days.

Photos by me and Andrew Rubi
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