2014 Year In Review

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I'm so grateful for the eye opening and skin thickening life experiences living in London has taught me, having the once in a lifetime chance to see the aurora borealis in Iceland, reaching the milestone of 21 in Paris, backpacking all over Europe with my sisters, the opportunity of being a music editorial contributor and ambassador for such a rad entertainment powerhouse, and the beautiful souls that have an impact on my life on the daily. This year I overstepped my boundaries and surpassed my comfort zone. I hate the word lucky but it's all I ever really felt this year. 2014 was the year I lived my best life and I really can't put into words how perfect it all was. The memories I made this year are the stories that'll be worth telling when I'm old and wrinkly.

This year was probably the first time I fully grasped the idea of not caring what others think and learned to not feel any sense of guilt for dropping negative energy from my life; the first time I started truly believing in myself and my crazy ideas; the first time I felt like my hunger for success was greater than my fear of failure; and the first time I felt comfortable with not being completely sure of who I am. I think growing up, I was always so hung up on trying to figure out who I was and making it a point to be so sure of myself but I learned that it is equally important to know who you are as it is to not know who you are. It's kind of limiting if you completely define yourself. I have no idea if that makes any sense at all… But regardless, I am so thankful for what leaps of faith have allowed me to accomplish this year and I'm excited to continue making moves and inching towards my dreams, chasing my bliss, cultivating the relationships that matter to me, growing as an individual, living a life that serves my highest self, and fully living in 2015!
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