Rome Photo Diary Part I

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From Barcelona we had a red eye flight into Rome. We had plans to get picked up by a driver from the hostel we were staying at and of the various places we had already backpacked through, I had never felt more like ours lives were in danger. From the airport we hopped into what looked like one of those kidnapping vans with a very sketchy looking lady and an old man. It took quite a while to get to the hostel and we had no site of where we were because we had turned into some dark, unpaved path in what looked like a forest. Jill, Jackie, and I stayed silent the whole ride and one question was brewing in our minds… Are we getting kidnapped? Thankfully, we made it to our hostel in one piece and didn't have a real life Taken play out. Our lack of research landed us in some pretty crappy hostel pretty far from the city center.

The next morning we got ready to see as much of the city as we could. Rome is such an unreal place overflowing with history. It was too hard to even believe our surroundings considering how old and beautiful everything was. We spent a good amount of the day seeing the main attractions: the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Pantheon, a bunch of piazzas, and the Trevi Fountain. I couldn't even begin to wrap my head around the fact that the Romans had the ability to build these things without the technology we have now! Our first order of business though: pizza. After satisfying our tummies we began the walking-filled day but there really is no better way to see the city. I honestly couldn't put into words how epic the Colosseum actually is in person. And the Trevi Fountain was a dream come true (A Lizzie McGuire dream come true, to be specific).

We got lost a lot of times throughout the trip. Actually, every city we visited we had feelings of cluelessness and confusion on how to get anywhere and while I could sense the frustration harbored, I embraced the sense of not knowing where I was. I probably should have been worrying but anytime we got lost I just embraced the fact that I was lost in such a beautiful city. In my head it's worked it out as I'd rather be lost in this amazing city then bored in my own. Call me crazy. I learned a lot about myself as a traveler. I learned that I don't like retracing my steps and going back down the same route as I feel as if I'm wasting time seeing what I've already seen. I learned that I'd rather be lost and confused then be bound by a specific time and place I have to meet with my tour guide. I learned that I'd rather just wander aimlessly than stare at a map or stop and ask for directions. I'm probably not the best traveler so I'm thankful for my friends because without them, who knows where I'd be.
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