Berlin Photo Diary


Berlin was the last city on our backpacking trip and the city we had the least amount of time to explore- so fatigue, time restraints, and just wanting to return to London really took away from the experience but nonetheless, Berlin was a beautiful city. We took a bus to Germany from Prague and arrived near midnight. I remember having the most stressful time trying to figure out how to get to our hostel from the bus station. Thankfully, a taxi got us there and we checked in and got settled into what was actually one of the nicer hostels we've ever stayed at!

The next day we rented bikes and explored what we could of the city. A lot of Berlin is way more modern than what you would imagine most of Europe to look like and the vibe was different as well- very clean, modern, and chilled out. We grabbed breakfast at Curry 36, a famous currywurst stand. It was pretty much a bowl of chips and bratwurst, all smothered in tomato curry sauce. T'was delicious! We then biked around the city and just stumbled upon what we could. The weather was perfect and everyone seemed to enjoy the sun and gave off good vibes. Within a couple of hours we biked to the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, parts of the Berlin Wall, the Brandenburg Gate, and the Berliner Dom. We returned to the hostel, packed our bags, and hopped into a taxi to make our way to the airport to return back to London. You would not believe how excited we were to return "home". It felt weird to feel like London was our safe haven at the time. I guess in that way, London really did become our second home. 
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  1. such stunning photos! i would love to visit Berlin, it looks beautiful x