Prague Photo Diary

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As soon as we landed in Prague, we took a cab into the city center, checked into our hostel where we found we'd be staying in a room filled with smelly, "bro-ish" Canadian boys, and as soon as they discovered we were from San Diego, they could not resist quoting Anchorman. We then met up with our friend's uncle, who lives in Prague, at a nearby pub before he took us on a tour all around the city. After some pints and being acquainted, we set out to reach the higher part of town to get a good view of the Prague Castle and a breathtaking panorama of the entire city. I really could not put into words how truly amazing Prague is. From the history in the streets and alleyways, it is quite surreal considering how intricately designed every architectural piece is. We crossed the Charles Bridge into the Old Town where we awaited the hourly show the Astronomical Clock puts on. (The story behind it is very intriguing if you're curious enough to look it up.) We then explored more of the Old Town side and met up with our friend's aunt and shared stories over a light dinner in their cozy home.

It's such a heartwarming thing to meet such welcoming individuals that you've never known in your life but treat one another as if you've known each other for years. After living in my hometown for twenty years, I can say I've met some of the best individuals when I left and started traveling. It's just so effortless to find that common ground when you both are in the mindset of being so open to new experiences and sharing your stories with one another. I still cannot thank our friend, Paula, enough for connecting us with her loving family! Seeing and learning about a new city is definitely best when you're learning from a local that has a genuine appreciation for their home.

The next day, we took Paula's uncle's advice and woke before the sun to watch it rise over the Charles Bridge. It was definitely worth it as we basically had the normally overcrowded bridge all to ourselves. That day we decided to join a free walking tour group that we later ditched because it was raining and we were starving. We grabbed lunch at some random hole in the wall restaurant before we scouted out the John Lennon Wall for a quick minute and then dashed to our hostel to grab our bags and head to the bus station for our last destination of our European backpacking adventure. The great thing about Prague is that it is easily walkable and everything is in close proximity. We got to see so much during our short time there but I would die to go back! Prague- a city so rich in history and beauty. 
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