Big Horn Mine Photo Diary

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The other day was spent conquering a mid-week hike through the Angeles National Forest, up a mountain, and to an abandoned gold mine. The weather was perfect and the hike actually wasn't as strenuous as we anticipated. A few portions of the trail were washed out where if you made one wrong move you'd probably be done for but for the most part, it was do-able and we made it in one piece. The view at the mine was breathtaking and climbing up to the top where one of the tunnels is located is definitely worth a few scrapes and splinters. You could feel the wooden planks moving with each step and I couldn't help but question myself as to how I was even trusting this broken down structure to hold us up. But I guess that's kind of the beauty and thrill of it all- the riskiness of teetering on the edge. We even went a couple feet inside the tunnel and it was as if I could hear my heart beating because of how terrified I was but do one thing everyday that scares ya, right? T'was the perfect way to get through the hump day!
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