Amsterdam Photo Diary

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This particular weekend a year ago was an interesting one to say the least. Amsterdam is such a dynamic city. Everyone is super laid back, the streets are filled with bikes, and it feels like a celebration of life everyday. Don't ask me how but we ended up booking our stay at a Christian hostel located in the Red Light District. So bizarre. Upon arrival, we checked in, rented bikes, and made our way to The Pancake Bakery to meet up with my friend, Jasmin, who had been traveling around Europe and studying abroad as well. So awesome to catchup and exchange travel stories! We got pretty unlucky with the weather and biking around in the rain was equal parts miserable and dangerous so we returned to the hostel and waited out the downpour. That evening we visited the first coffee shop of Amsterdam, The Bulldog. Let's just say it was a night of "firsts" for me haha. The funniest thing I remember from that night is thinking to ourselves, "Wow, we've explored most of Amsterdam already but we haven't seen the Red Light District!" To our surprise, when night fell and we stepped outside, we were in the Red Light District. It was hilarious.

The morning after we set out to get in line early to take a tour of the Anne Frank House. It was such a heartbreaking experience but definitely something worth checking out. So eye-opening to see where her family and others hid during the Holocaust. After that, we made our way to the Heineken Brewery to have the Heineken Experience! It was so cool to see where the brewery started, learn about the history, and how beer is actually made. We then headed to the Van Gogh Museum and even after having visited some amazing galleries all over Europe, this one was super special to me considering the fact that Vincent Van Gogh is my favorite artist of all time. We ended our trip with the obligatory photo-ops at the 'Iamsterdam' sign. Such a short but sweet trip to such an amazing city. 
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