Joshua Tree Photo Diary

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Over the weekend, we filled up two cars and headed east towards the desert. The morning we departed, the thunder was so loud, it woke all of us up and made us question whether or not we were still going to go through with the trip. Despite the rain, flash flood warnings, thunder, and lightning, we decided to go anyway. So happy we did because as short as the trip was, it was pretty perfect in all aspects.

We got to the Indian Cove Campground in the afternoon and set up camp. As the others went to brave the on and off downpour of the rain and hike up Ryan Mountain, me, Jill, and Leo stayed in the canopy to chill out and play games. There was one point where I climbed the rocks behind our campground to take a few pictures and for some unknown reason, my hair stood straight up. ALIENS? Maybe. Night fell so we started the fire, made s'mores, played games, and even got to gaze at the stars we didn't think we'd be able to see after such bad weather. The sky was ethereal and I felt like I could stare at it forever. I had never seen so many shooting stars!

The morning after, we packed up and made our way to the actual Joshua Tree National Park. We made stops to various places including Skull Rock, the Indian Caves, Arch Rock, Cholla Gardens, and drove to the other side of the park before making our way home. We got annual passes so I'm pretty stoked for our next trip!
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