Los Angeles Photo Diary

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A list of things I survived for the last third of 2015: 
  • LA traffic
  • Couch surfing for a month
  • My ghetto AirBnB for a couple months
  • Commuting from SD to LA weekly
  • LA traffic
  • Impossible parking
  • Car breaking down at Runyon Canyon
  • Car breaking down in front of my ghetto AirBnB the next morning
  • LA traffic
  • Lots of lonely Thursday/Friday nights spent drowning in FOMO as friends hung out back home
That might all sound negative but I can honestly say living in two cities at once, during this specific time of my life, was probably one of the best things to happen to me this year. As much as I felt like this whole commuting back and forth thing was weighing down on me mentally, things at home weren't ideal so having this weekly getaway was exactly what I needed. For someone so adamant about leaving, I loved that I had a reason to actually miss home. And then when it came time to leave home, I loved escaping to LA. 

Also, loving my internship helped a lot. For the first time in my life, I looked forward to going to work, time would fly, and I left feeling fulfilled with everything I had accomplished that day. So happy I was blessed with the opportunity to intern with AEG Live. It's insane how much confidence I've gained from when I first started. Thankful to have had the experience- feeling so much personal growth and a reaffirmed motivation to work in this industry. 

I'm still not too crazy about this city but I somewhat feel this strange belonging to it. I went to dinner with an old friend at the start of this whole ordeal and he explained to me that everyone here is just a lost soul trying to find their wings, thus, "The City of Lost Angels". Still a lost angel but it feels a whole lot better once you've accepted it. 
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