Big Sur Photo Diary

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Big Sur has been a place I've dreamt about visiting for a really long time. The sights were even more beautiful than I could've imagined. Miles and miles of blue to my left and sky high mounds of green to my right. So ridiculously breathtaking. We packed our cars and left San Diego around 4 AM and made various stops along the Pacific Coast Highway. First stop was Ragged Point, just a tiny glimpse of what Big Sur had to offer. Next was a mini hike to a beautiful waterfall on the Salmon Creek Trail. And last for the day was making the trek up to our campground, Prewitt Ridge. Jill and I had read a bunch of blogs and articles online about how treacherous the drive up to the campground was but none of it could have prepared us for how stressful and risky it actually was. A single lane, unpaved, rocky, uphill, no guard rails... it was terrifying to say the least. Think the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland but in real life. There's a reason why this campground isn't overpopulated and is such a journey to get to. It, inarguably, offers the best views of the Pacific. Bountiful hills of green falling into infinite waves of blue. We had all agreed that as beautiful as the view was, we weren't going to risk our lives trying to make the trek back down and up again the next day. We set up camp, admired the sunset, and huddled up exchanging paranormal stories as the boys cooked dinner, stargazed, and went to sleep.

The next morning we packed up, made our way down the mountain (which was a lot easier), and visited the main attractions of Big Sur: Bixby Bridge and McWay Falls. We were going to wing trying to find a campground somewhere along the PCH but decided to just stop over for some dinner in San Luis Obispo and head home. Short but sweet trip!

Photos by Kyle Solano, RJ Tiburcio, Ryan Idrizaj, Yssabel Pangilinan, and me
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