San Francisco 2016 Photo Diary

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When home hasn't been the greatest place and your best friend randomly hits you up in the middle of the week to ask if you're down for a weekend trip to the bay, it's not a hard decision. After we all got off work last Friday, we packed the car up and headed north to San Francisco. Arrived at our Airbnb in Richmond around 3 AM and took a short nap before exploring the city. Grabbed breakfast at Sweet Maple (highly recommend!), explored Lands End/Sutro Baths, went to the newly reopened SF MOMA, strolled around Fisherman's Wharf/Pier 39, drove by Dolores Park, watched the sunset at Twin Peaks, got dinner at Sun Tang (best Chinese food ever!), and took a short evening stroll around Union Square before heading back to our Airbnb. Now that I think about it, we did a ridiculous amount of activities in the span of a day.

The following day we parked at a Bart station and took it to get into the city for SF Pride. It was my first time going to any Pride so the fact that it was one of the biggest ones in existence was pretty cool. Got to the Financial District on Market Street and found a spot to watch the parade. I wasn't sure what to expect but what I didn't expect was to get so overwhelmed with emotion. Parts of the parade were dedicated to the Pulse shooting victims in Orlando and I felt myself fighting back tears every time. Another aspect of the parade that I noticed was the diversity. It was beautiful. What I loved the most was seeing parents bring their children to watch the parade. Manifesting love and acceptance should start at a young age and it was heart-warming to see families instill that in their little ones. All in all, such a short but amazing weekend spent in one of my favorite cities admiring nature, immersed in art, captivated by architecture, trying new food, and supporting love.
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