Rise Festival Photo Diary

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The Rise Festival was absolutely breathtaking and everything I imagined it would be. We got there early and spent the day chilling, checking out the food trucks, taking pictures, listening to live music, and preparing our lanterns. We were given two lanterns each and I decided to use one to write the things I needed to let go of and the other to write the things I wanted to manifest into my future and a little love note to my grandparents.

It felt amazing to feel like I was physically, mentally, and emotionally releasing my hopes and dreams for the future into the universe. Manifesting everything I could ever possibly desire into what will hopefully become my reality. That night I decided to let it all go as well. All the build-up from this past year alone- of failure, self-doubt, worries, insecurities, lost love, circumstances out of my control, negativity, toxic thoughts and energy, anything and everything that no longer serves my higher good- I released it all to make room for all the great things yet to come. It felt so liberating.

The initial launch of the lanterns was unreal. I think the last time I felt that kind of overwhelming emotion where I couldn't fight back the tears from the beauty of it all was when I saw the northern lights in Iceland. I was so moved and felt so weak in the knees I literally had to hold onto my friends. It was such a humbling experience to watch everyone release a lantern into the sky and to know that each individual is struggling with their own personal battle and/or wishing for something more in life.  It was cathartic to watch everyone release a piece of their heart into the sky. I remember walking out of the festival feeling like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I felt so at peace. It truly was such a spiritual healing experience that I will never ever forget.

Photos by Yssabel Pangilinan, RJ Tiburcio, and me
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  1. The beer selection at this place was great and rotates often. Everyone who works at Seattle venues makes you feel welcome. They remember your favorite drink and you will be glad to tweet about them.