Palm Springs Photo Diary

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To bring in my 24th year of life, I rallied up some friends for a weekend in Palm Springs. A "bougie Palm Springs" trip has always been on my bucket list and since I'd pretty much spent every birthday for the last five years exploring new places, I wanted to keep the tradition going and had to find something feasible to accommodate everyone I wanted to bring along to celebrate! Palm Springs did not disappoint! The Airbnb we stayed in was absolutely breathtaking. I'm a huge lover of weird architecture and the house was designed to look and make you feel like you're on another planet in a spaceship. The first night we had dinner catered by my lovely momma, drank too much, and sang and danced the night away. The morning after, we cooked some brunch and had mimosas on mimosas and lazed around the house until we headed out to the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway- a cablecar-type thing that takes you up to the peak of the San Jacinto Mountains. It was freezing but the view from the top was incredible. I was just intrigued by the idea that we went from the dry windy desert to snow-capped mountain peaks in a matter of minutes. We grabbed dinner at a Japanese restaurant in downtown Palm Springs before heading back to the Airbnb to chill out and play a long but thrilling game of Cards Against Humanity. So thankful for my lovely friends for making this weekend so special for me. I feel so blessed to have the privilege of being surrounded by such fun-loving humans.

I used to hate the idea of growing another year older but the older I'm getting the more I'm realizing I actually really love it. I love getting more comfortable in my skin. I love caring less about what others think of me and caring more about what I think of myself. I love becoming more mindful of surrounding myself with good energy and only people that bring out the best version of me. I'm finding that the things I grew up being insecure about are now the things I love most about myself. Every birthday, I tend to self-reflect on the growth from the past year and 23 has brought upon me the greatest life lessons and I feel so thankful for it all. I'm not going to lie, it has also been the most challenging year but overcoming and finally returning to myself has never felt so good. Cheers to so much growth just this past year alone. Looking forward to growing some more at 24!

Photos by Raven Juanengo, Leonard Pinckney, Jackie Do, and me
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