July/August 2017 On Film

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I haven't been updating this as much as I planned to but here's a little visual recap of the highlights from the last two months. It's insane to think that 2017 is more than half way through when it feels like it just started but so far, it's been a good one. I think because last year was so rough on me, I had been bracing myself this whole time but finally realized there's been no need. Instead of having to remind myself of all the reasons to be happy, its been so effortless this year. 2017 has been gentle with me and I am just SO thankful haha.

Lately, I've been feeling like the best version of myself- consciously taking care of my wellbeing, drinking lots of water, eating mindfully, reading more, taking pilates classes regularly, finally developing a real skincare routine, minding my own business, and just being abundantly filled with gratitude. Overall, I'm the happiest and healthiest I've ever been, feeling as light on my feet as ever, and so blessed with everything and everyone in my life. The last few months have been crazy/hectic/fun-filled, experiencing some of the most life changing shows (FRANK OCEAN), surrounding myself with some of the best company, and just celebrating life. And there's still so much more to look forward to! Hoping to ride this vibe out for the rest of the year and end 2017 on a good one.
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