2018 Year In Review

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2018 has been a year of so much more mental and spiritual growth than I've ever experienced before and as difficult as that can be sometimes, I've loved what's come of it. Along with that have been so many good memories that I've already been reminiscing about soon after they've just happened — they're the stories I'll tell my grandchildren kind.

Highlights of this year include:
  • Rush Cycle on the daily with all my friends to get wedding bod ready. The most fun and productive couple months ever. 
  • Riding the wine train, vineyard hopping in Napa Valley and eating our way through San Francisco for Yssa's birthday
  • Rayven and Khalil's wedding weekend in Las Vegas. From the Beyonce-themed bachelorette party, to the wild night before the wedding, to the actual wedding. T'WAS THE BEST OF TIMES.
  • My 25th birthday finally visiting my dream city, New York City. Laying teary eyes on the Starry Night, eating everything Ugly Delicious, and seeing all the sites I've always dreamt of — no other words besides I fell in love.
  • Hiking, white water rafting, waterfall chasing, poutine eating, Trudeau hunting for Andrew's birthday in Canada
  • TDE Championship Tour. SIR, Ab Soul, Jay Rock, Schoolboy, SZA, King Kenny. From the set design to the merch to the actual show — everything was so DAMN. perfectly executed.
  • On The Run II Tour witnessing Beyonce with my Beyonces 
  • Gal Pals winery hopping in Temecula for my first time
  • First ever solo trip to Austin, Texas. ACL Fest, all the cool bars/speakeasies, the friendliest strangers, the food, the art, and a day trip to Houston solely for NASA! Dream come true. 
  • My brother and his wife moving back home and adopting the sweetest fur baby, Remus Lupin.
  • Sassy n' Assy Christmagiving wine bus tour to Temecula. Wine seems to be the recurring theme for all my highlights this year lol.
  • FINALLY making the move and being blessed with such a surreal opportunity in LA!!!
Even without the plot twist 2018 gave me bottom of the 9th, I think I still would've loved this year so much. But got damn, if you know me at all you'd know that LA has been on my radar for quite some time. I had a long list of dreams when I was 19, naive, and wanting so desperately to be anywhere BUT home (as you do at that age). A few of those dreams included going to NYC to see the Starry Night, exploring what I thought and can now confirm is the coolest place on earth- NASA, and moving to LA to pursue a career that would fulfill me. It took me a lil longer than intended but with a combination of blessings in disguise, a few thug tears, and resilience- 2018 ended up giving me everything I’d hoped for. Moral of the story: if ya goin’ through hell, KEEP. GOING. Ending this year with a genuine trust in the timing of life and an infinite amount of gratitude for the process and the rise. Looking forward to the challenges and growth the new year will have to offer me in my new home!

2019 hasn't even begun yet but I already feel such a shift in energy not just within myself but with my loved ones as well. This 25th year of life has been the catalyst of life-changing events from career starts to moving out — I'm so damn excited for all of us. It feels so good to be entering the new year with a sense of inner peace, purpose, and already feeling like my best self — mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and even physically. It has been such a journey for me to get here and I'm ready for more blessings to come.
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