6 Months In LA

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I've officially spent half a year in Los Angeles.

Whenever I'm wandering around the city, I find myself comparing current 26-year-old-me to past 22-year-old-me in LA and even though they aren’t very far apart, everything feels so different this time around. I'm so much more calm in the chaos than I ever would’ve been in the past. I remember having an actual meltdown after my first day at my internship years ago lol. I'm starting to think that the couple years it took me to return were a necessary exchange for this kind of inner peace. I definitely had a lot of growing up to do before the Universe thought I was ready to receive all my blessings. My trust in the timing of life has never been stronger and I find myself surrendering more comfortably to it every day. 

Six months in, I will say that the cliches of this city are inescapable — people always more curious about what you do and how you can leverage them over who you are as a person aside from your career. Despite it, being here makes me feel less crazy for wanting all that I want out of life. Everyone here dreams SO BIG, is relentlessly grinding for more, never allowing themselves to get too comfortable — the energy is absolutely infectious. My motivation doesn't run dry out here because the inspiration is radiating out of everyone I'm surrounded by. 

I'm thoroughly enjoying the process of making my new city a home as well as doing a little self-reinventing. The past six months I've colored outside the lines and stopped limiting myself to this textbook version of me. Doing so has allowed me to meet so many new faces from different walks of life and has even put me on a path of exploring who I am in more depth. I've never felt more free and so in control of it all.
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